Merchant Marine Monument (Spring 2017)



Georgetown (Spring 2017)

looking for the past

Saint Michael’s Monastery – Kiev, Ukraine (Summer 2010)

Greetings! There are places in this wonderful world that are really amazing. The capital city of Ukraine, Kiev is full of them – you can spend months exploring the city and you will have fun doing it. When you visit Kiev, you have to see the Saint Michael’s Monastery. The church and its surroundings are…

The Saddest Memorial – The Ukrainian Famine Memorial in Kiev (Fall 2010)

Travel is a great because you can experience the new places, meet new and interesting people, and learn their history. While living in Ukraine, I had a chance to understand a little bit the turbulent history of this country. What makes this journey and learning process more amazing is that many Ukrainians are learning those…

Funicular train in Kiev (Summer 2011)

Greetings! Every city has this special link which serves as a connection between two different parts of the city. Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, has the funicular train that connects Podil and the Upper City. Those two distinctive but equally attractive parts of this city are divied by the hills but connected by the…