About Maty

Sometimes we are just moving too fast…

done... we are still working...
done… we are still working…

We are focused only on the task at hand and we are not thinking about what we have to show for our accomplishments. I would like to create a small blog, a place for my friends, where they could enjoy some of my observations and where I could share my memories. Therefore, please enjoy and feel free to comment!

Reach out and make a mark
Reach out and make a mark

And sometimes you have to look at life through the set of filters to see it clearly! Therefore, I like to take photos while I travel. Then I like to share my experiences with my friends.

BLOG5472 x 36481085
Keeping things in focus

Photography also enables me to revisit the places and retrospect about my experiences.  Your experiences are like RAW files in photography, you can adjust some of the settings even after you take that photo.

BLOG3648 x 54722037
This looks great…

I enjoy nature and quiet places

however, I am not a stranger to big cities

I also love airplanes

and nature!

Welcome! Enjoy my blog! Stay awhile!

Here you can find some more high resolution images on my FLICKR site.


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