Walking in Washington D.C at night

I like to enjoy a good walk, and many times my only companion are the city and my camera. The strolls in Washington D.C. are particularly fun, and in this post, I would like to share few photos which I took during the night time.


World War I Memorial

The World War I Memorial in Washington D.C. will give you a nice opportunity to enjoy beautiful structure and impressive light show.  It is little difficult to find during the daytime, but at night you can spot the columns and soft cascades of light quickly.


Ok, this is one of the best shots today – ducks

Going further, you can enjoy the A quick sunset at the Tidal Basin. This is the place where during the Spring time the cherry trees blossom and make their own magic for just a week. However, during the sunset, you can enjoy the peaceful water, some playful ducks, and dramatic red sky.

Jefferson Memorial

The evening offers the picturesque views of the Jefferson Memorial. The walkways provide attractive opportunity to enjoy the view of the monuments from many angles.

Night workout at the National Mall

The sports fields are full of life even after the sunset – here some highly motivated people perform some serious exercises.


Jefferson Memorial at night

The quick swing by the Jefferson Memorial and one quick photo. The structure is easily visible in the darkness of the evening. The white columns illuminated from inside, inviting the visitors to look closer and enjoy the giant statute of Jefferson.


very fast runner…

Many trails in D.C. are busy even in the middle of the night. People are running and walking around.

Night at the Monuments 🙂

The Washington Monument is currently closed but it still one of my favorite sights on the “monument circuit.” The monument stands up against the dark sky as a bright needle, surrounded by the American flags. It looks impressive from far away, but it also should be enjoyed from up close.


Short walk from the Washington Monument

Many of the busy streets of Washington D.C. are also a quite a site. The evening traffic very moves swiftly between monuments and museums. However, it offers some opportunities for an excellent photo.



Quick metro ride and we are in the Chinatown

Running along the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

Quick project with long exposure along the running paths and we can walk to see the Lincoln Memorial.

Black and white does have this amazing effect underlining the structure of the Lincoln’s Memorial

I love this site…

MLK looking forward

Coming back to the “monument circuit” to see the MLK memorial – it is little late, and therefore, there are no crowds. Impressive site.

Sweet ride in Chinatown!

Oh, I forgot a really sweet Nova that I spotted in the Chinatown.

Painting with Light

Finally, few photos with some long exposure to capture some light trails.

Driving home after that…

Have a good night. 🙂


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