General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark (Spring 2017)


I enjoy the military airplanes and this particular one is a true example of the proud “Cold War Warrior”.  F-111 was developed in the late 1960s as an interceptor and tactical attack aircraft. It flew first combat mission during the Vietnam conflict and adapted from the interceptor role to the exclusive attack, recon-electronic warfare and nuclear delivery aircraft.

National Museum of the USAF, WPAFB, Ohio, February  2013 226
General Dynamics F-111A

The F-111 saw additional actions during the first Gulf War conflict and ended its service in 2010.

National Museum of the USAF, WPAFB, Ohio, February  2013 165
General Dynamics F-111F

Here is the link to the General Dynamics F-111A info on the museum’s website and the additional one from the Wikipedia.

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