Old Presidential Elections Memorabilia (Summer 2016)


Greetings! So, I was exploring the wonderful city of Alexandria, Virginia, and I found a little store with souvenirs. The huge selection of the wares were the old Presidential race promotional stuff.

BLOG3648 x 54721217
Old Presidential Elections memorabilia circa 2012 – pens, magnets, and buttons

It was amazing that the store would hold the merchandise after its expiration date passes. 🙂


BLOG5472 x 36482217
Former Presidents and Presidential candidates

Anyway, it was funny to look at the past and see the way the future will unfold.

BLOG5472 x 36483217
More buttons  -they will be worth big $$ one day

Maybe I should buy some of this stuff and sell it later for big $$ profit?

BLOG5472 x 36484217
There is variety of stuff here



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