Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial (Fall 2011)

Greetings! When traveling and visiting the interesting places or landmarks you take plenty of photos. I do take plenty of photos because I do not know how I will feel about them when I will review them on the screen again.

PASS DC Trip, Washington DC, USA, November 2011 23
Fala – FDR’s beloved

Here, are few photos from the visit to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. I took quite a few photos but after reading some additional information – I decided to post just a few of them. First one is the photo of FDR’s beloved dog Fala, a cute Scottish Terrier. If you look at many historical photos taken during the FDR’s tree terms as our President, you will notice Fala on many of them.

PASS DC Trip, Washington DC, USA, November 2011 19
Great Depression bread line

Another one photo depits the bread line from the Great Depression. The suffering of the American people had a great impact on the FDR’s presidency. He was deeply impacted by the terrible economic toll on the American Society as a result of the financial crisis. As a result the FDR’s administration developed the New Deal, a serious of programs designed to assist in recovery.

PASS DC Trip, Washington DC, USA, November 2011 14
the radio address

The amaizing photo depicting how we began to recieve news. Radio was the first media to provide the news to masses. Today we got radio, TV and internet. News is interconnected to our everyday life.

PASS DC Trip, Washington DC, USA, November 2011 11
FDR in Wheelchair Statue

The sculpture depicting FDR in the wheelchair is something that Americans did not see when FDR was alive. We wanted to see our leader as a strong man and not as reagular human beeing. Furthermore, the press had unwritten rule not to publish the photos of the President in the wheel chair. That was a soft media – today this agreemetn will not work.



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