MSR Stove – a must have for every hiker (Spring 2016)


When going hiking for a few days you are concern what to take on that hike. You want to take some clothes, comfort items and naturally food. You have to worry about the weight of this stuff because you will be carrying it on your back.

BLOG5472 x 36483121
Another setup – this time we want tea and coffee

However, if you going with few friends, you can spread the important items and share the burden.

BLOG2448 x 32644121
Yeah, some macaroni

The MSR multi fuel stove is a true marvel of technology designed especially with long trips in mind. This little setup consists of a bottle containing fuel (that could be a regular gasoline or special fuel), hand pump used to pressurize the fuel bottle, a small pressure regulating valve and naturally a stove.

BLOG5472 x 36482120
Soup is ready – enough for four

The operation of the stove is very simple. You fill the bottle with the fuel, insert the pump into the bottle, pressurize it and connect it the stove and ignite the fuel. In a few seconds, you will hear the sound of little jet engine ready to heat your food.

BLOG5472 x 36481120
MSR stove is a real beast – boiling water quick

Cheers and enjoy some others of my posts from the Appalachian Trail (a secret for a great hiketree fungus, and Skyland Drive in the fog).

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