Night walk around Kremlin and Red Square (Winter 2015)


Greetings! Looking back at some photos from last year, I found some nice ones from my night walk around the Red Square in Moscow. The best way to move around the city is the Metro! In my previous posts (Metro1, Metro2 and Metro3) about the capital city of Russia, I described the amazing experience of riding on the metro system in this wonderful city.

BLOG5472 x 36489337
Metro “Lenin’s Library”!

Please, believe me: it is too cold for a long walk and driving in Moscow traffic may be not the most time efficient way to travel if you got only a few hours to see the city.

BLOG5472 x 364811337
Borovitskaya (Боровицкая) Metro Station

You can get off at the Lenin’s Library or Borovitskaya metro stops and you can circle around the Kremlin and the Red Square. You will need more than few hours to see all the attractions that surround this area. Therefore, I will focus only on few spots that are around the Red Square.

BLOG5472 x 364810337
The Pashkov’s House

Enjoy some high-resolution photos here and smaller versions below!

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