Snowmageddon in Arlington

Greetings! I am guessing that the Winter is finally gone and all the snow melted for good.

BLOG5472 x 364820084
Cherry Blossom Time

The cherry blossom is in the full swing and we can enjoy the wonderful weather.

BLOG5472 x 36484024
There is some serious snow here

However, I still remember the huge snow storm in January. It did make our lives a little bit difficult but not for long!

BLOG5472 x 364813024
It is actually not to cold – you can catch some rays

People in the Arlington area are pretty resilient and they were going by their business.

BLOG5472 x 36489024
Jeep-ing is a way to go!

The roads were cleared quickly!

BLOG5472 x 364827024
Little bobcats did the job nicely

Snow was removed by the large trucks!

BLOG5472 x 364819024
and some 5 ton trucks took the snow away…

See you next year, Snow!

BLOG5472 x 36488024
Sky is blue but no people on the street

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