Visit to the plant store: Part 1 – cactuses (Winter 2016)

My winter trip to Poland was full of fun! I had a chance to see my family and have a great time talking to some old friends. I learned few years back that if you want to have friends – you have to invest time in them – there is no other way around it. However, going for a trip should be also educational – you got to see new things and experience the world around you.

BLOG5472 x 364819036
Sea of cactuses

So, my winter trip to the Ksiaz Castle could not be completed without going to the famous greenhouse which is located next to the castle. Here, you can experience the kingdom of exotic flora in full swing: 12 months around.

BLOG5472 x 364818036
Different colors of cactus

However, this post is dedicated to the small store located in the greenhouse. Here you can purchase some serious plants for your enjoyment at your home. In the next few photos, you will enjoy the different kinds of cactus plants.


BLOG5472 x 364817036
They are ready to be taken home

I move around very often, jumping continents and moving companies are not “flower” or “plant” friendly. There are multiple regulations prohibiting the impot of “the live flora” – therefore, I have to get new flowers at the place where I am domiciled.


BLOG5472 x 364816036
I love the variety

This little store offers more than variety of choices.

BLOG5472 x 364815036
So many different types…

I was told that the cactuses are very tough plants to kill. Therefore, I may get few of those for my house. My cat may not like it because it will take some thinking how to chew on them :).

BLOG5472 x 36482036
BLOG5472 x 36481036
Those little guys will grow and multiply

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