Stuck at the autobahn (Summer 2010)

Greetings! All European travelers know that the German authobahn is a marvel of transportation genius. There are parts where you can go as fast as you can and it is fun. The first autobahn was constructed in Germany during the time of the Weimar Republic. Since 1920 German engineers created more than 13,000 km of first class highways with the extensive infrastructure consisting of maintenance facilities, rest stops and emergency telephone systems. The autobahn is a complex system not only a highway! 🙂

BLOG4272 x 28483237
And there is no traffic on the other side

However, when accidents occur – autobahn is like any other highway – it is not moving. So, here I was not far away from Dresden on A4 and there was no movement for 4 hours.

BLOG4272 x 28482237
No way to escape

Great that I had a good book, few MREs and some water!

BLOG4272 x 28484237
Green energy…



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