Saint Michael’s Monastery – Kiev, Ukraine (Summer 2010)


Greetings! There are places in this wonderful world that are really amazing. The capital city of Ukraine, Kiev is full of them – you can spend months exploring the city and you will have fun doing it.

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The view of the monastery is truly breathtaking

When you visit Kiev, you have to see the Saint Michael’s Monastery. The church and its surroundings are truly spectacular. However, there is more than meets the eye… The history of the Saint Michael’s Monastery is extremely interesting.

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Religious mural to the left of the bell tower

The historical records stated that the monastery was established in the mid-eleven century. As we know, the European history was very violent at times and the monastery was destroyed and rebuild few times. Mongol invasion seriously damaged the church and the monastery but it was carefully restored to its full glory.

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Religious mural at the entrance and golden domes of the Monastery

The Russian Revolution and following Soviet regime dislike of anything that could be seen as a challenge to communist power doomed the monastery. In 1930’s, in deliberate move, Soviets destroyed the monastery, removed the golden domes and used the explosives to finish the job.

BLOG4272 x 28486234
The golden domes

The story of the monastery could be finished here, but it reminded in the hearts of the Ukrainian people. The attempts to reconstruct the complex were started in 1970’s but the “rebirth” of the monastery happened only after the fall of the Soviet empire.

BLOG2848 x 42722234
Bell tower, murals and golden domes

The new, “reborn” Saint Michael’s Monastery, was open to the public in 1999. The church was restored with carrying hands of Ukrainian people and it is a representation of their love for their tradition and national heritage.


Let’s enjoy the Golden Domes!

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Link to the Wikipedia page dedicated to the monastery and site dedicated to the travel in Ukraine.


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