5 Mile Run and few photos (Winter 2016)

So, I decided to take a run in Washington DC and at the same time take some photos to show that you can have fun taking photos and running. I decided to make it a “cartoon post” because it is my story. 🙂 Please enjoy!

BLOG5472 x 36481071
Here we are taking a metro from Ballston Staton
BLOG5472 x 36484071
Orange Line will take us to the Smithsonian Station
BLOG5472 x 36482071
Is metro car empty this time of the day? I am surprised!
BLOG5472 x 36483071
Now, Rosslyn – car is filling up
BLOG5472 x 36486071
Run by some cool chow trucks…
BLOG3648 x 54727071
First stop on our run – Washington Monument
BLOG3648 x 54728071
There is this tree by the Monument – looks just so special
BLOG5472 x 36489071
Ok, now we are crossing the street
BLOG3648 x 547214071
Busy day – it is a terrific day for a run and it is a Friday!
BLOG5472 x 364810071
Next stop, the World War II Memorial
BLOG5472 x 364811071
Back on the trail
BLOG5472 x 364812071
Quick look at the Reflecting Pool and reflection of the Memorial
BLOG5472 x 364813071
Turn around and Lincoln Memorial
BLOG5472 x 364815071
Quick stop by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
BLOG3648 x 547216071
Names… more that 50K of them. RIP Brothers!
BLOG5472 x 364817071
Ah, that is a squirrel…
BLOG5472 x 364818071
Back on the track – again the Lincoln Memorial
BLOG5472 x 364820071
Going to the steps – quick photo of the Pool and the Memorial
BLOG3648 x 547219071
President Lincoln … it is busy here today
BLOG5472 x 364821071
Korean War Veterans Memorial
BLOG5472 x 364822071
District of Columbia War Memorial
BLOG3648 x 547223071
Next stop MLK Memorial
BLOG5472 x 364824071
Look at the Jefferson Memorial and we running along the water
BLOG5472 x 364825071
Sweet look at the Monument
BLOG3648 x 547226071
BLOG5472 x 364827071
FDR Memorial
BLOG5472 x 364828071
Running along – in three weeks all this will be just flowers
BLOG5472 x 364830071
Like those
BLOG5472 x 364829071
another little guy
BLOG5472 x 364831071
Golden hour is on…
BLOG5472 x 364832071
Ok, this is one of the best shots today (my opinion)
BLOG3648 x 547233071
President Jefferson is… very presidential
BLOG5472 x 364834071
look at the Monument…
BLOG5472 x 364835071
Jefferson Monument and Sunset
BLOG5472 x 364836071
Last look at the Monument and to the metro station we run
BLOG5472 x 36485071
Running down to Smithsonian Station
BLOG5472 x 364837071
My train is coming…
BLOG5472 x 364838071
This “cartoon” door looks awesome
BLOG5472 x 364839071
Orange Line takes me home…

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