Long day in Frankfurt Airport (Winter 2016)

Greetings! I noticed that I had posted plenty about my travel destinations. The places where you want to or have to go. However, what happens to the time we spend in-between: after we leave home and before we reach our destination?

BLOG5472 x 36481046
It looks like everybody is waiting

That is a very interesting question and in my opinion, it should be addressed. 🙂

BLOG5472 x 36485046
Take one

Travel should (and it is) fun! However, my fellow travelers, who travel often, will probably agree that very often time in the airport is like time in the purgatory. Some travelers kill the extra time drinking beer, other shop or sleep.

BLOG3648 x 54724046
Plenty of time in the airport

One time or another, I did it all. However, now I try to enjoy the airports.

On the moving sidewalk
On the moving sidewalk

The terminals are little cities with many interesting places. Furthermore, it is also fun to observe the fellow travelers in their natural “habitat”. 🙂

BLOG5472 x 36482046

Enjoy the few photos and think what you going to do on your next long layover!




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