Soul of Arlington (Winter 2016)


Greetings! In the past when I told my friends that I live in the Arlington, Virginia, they automatically assumed that I am talking about upscale, tasteless glass bedroom of the Washington D.C. work grounds.

BLOG3648 x 54727363
🙂 It is Arlington – mine place!

They were surprised that I told them that there is more to Arlington than just glass highrises, overpriced restaurants and “the barbaric hordes of young professionals”.

BLOG5472 x 36486363
I may get one …

The Arlington I know it is a mix of old and new, excessive and down to earth.

BLOG3648 x 54723363
Pizza joint with some spine

Again, it depends on the “optics of your soul”! I do not use Arlington just as bedroom, I do live here. In my opinion, there are things that got that “real feel”.

BLOG3648 x 54721363
Highlander Motor Inn in Arlington – sweet place

Anyway, I will let you enjoy the few photos and judge for yourself!

BLOG5472 x 36484363


BLOG5472 x 36482363
Motor Inn – it has some soul

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