Defensive fortifications at Victory Park Military Museum (Winter 2015)

Greetings! This short blog is a part of series of posts from my visit to Military Museum at the Victory Park in Moscow, Russia. In the past, I posted other blogs from this awesome museum devoted to military airplanes, military locomotives, and armored trains.

BLOG5472 x 36481339
Entrance to the Museum

Today, I would like to share a few photos and some of my observations from the part of this museum dedicated to the defensive positions which the Soviet Union developed prior to the Nazi Germany invasion in 1941.

BLOG5472 x 36484339
Reinforced defense position with machine gun and light anti-tank gun

The Soviet Union had some defensive works erected on their Western border with Germany. However, the Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin, together with his military advisers did not pay attention to the tactics used by the German armed forces during their “blitzkrieg” military campaigns in Poland and then in Western Europe.

BLOG5472 x 36486339
Again another tank used as reinforced defense gun position

Germany executed combine attacks which used the ground, air and naval forces and moved with incredible speed, puncturing the defensive lines and bypassing the heavy defensive belts, aiming directly for the strategic locations such as large population areas, manufacturing centers and communication lines.

BLOG5472 x 36485339
This Russian tank was converted into “steel defense positions”

The extensive Soviet defensive lines proved to be useless against German fast moving tank and mechanized attack formations. It took the Soviet Union three years to stop and reverse the German invasion.

BLOG5472 x 36483339
Soviet Union – Germany Border in 1941

Please enjoy the rest of the photos! The full resolutions photos can be found at defensive works.

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