Greetings! Welcome to my Blog!


Greetings! I would like to introduce myself! My name is Jerzy and I am blogging for a while now. However, in my opinion, it is good to check the course at least once in the while. So, let’s do it!

I wrote those few words almost nine months ago when I was about to publish my first blog:

“Sometimes we are just moving too fast… We are focused only on the task at hand and we are not thinking about what we have to show for our accomplishments. I would like to create a small blog, a place for my friends, where they could enjoy some of my observations and where I could share my memories. Therefore, please enjoy and feel free to comment!”

When I am looking at above “mission statement” today – I am pretty happy with myself. I posted a few dozens blogs, together with a few photos and created a platform to share my experiences with my friends and family! I had a great opportunity to meet some new friends too! 🙂

I hope that you find my blog spot nice, warm and plesant!

BLOG5472 x 36486001
Bonfire – take 6



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