Flying out of Domodedovo Airport (Winter 2015)

So, another cold morning in Moscow. My flights always depart on some ungodly hours, like 0430. This is equal to waking up three hours before that in order to drink some coffee and nap one hour in the car.

BLOG5472 x 36482340
Another snap through the window…

When you get to the airport, then there is a wait.

BLOG5472 x 36483340
Having fun with reflections!

Then more coffee…

BLOG5472 x 36481340
I am guessing that Austrian aircraft will be on time

Then thinking if the rain will not change into ice… 🙂

BLOG5472 x 36484340
Will this change into ice?

However, at the end – I have to say that I enjoy the travel!

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Cheers! 🙂


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