WWII Soviet Railroad Military Equipment (Winter 2015)

This blog is a second one from the visit to the Victory Square complex and its museum exposition.

BLOG5472 x 36488339
Armored train with a sign “For our Country.”

I could post many more photos, but I do not want to overwhelm and over saturate this blog. Therefore, in this part, I will focus on artillery pieces mounted on rail chassis and the armored trains.

BLOG5472 x 364822339
Steam locomotive

The museum has few amazing pieces, and one of them is the Russian build TM-1-180 railroad mounted 180-mm cannon.

BLOG5472 x 364823339
Large caliber artillery on the train chassis

The size of this artillery piece is amazing and in my opinion, you have to see it to believe it!

BLOG5472 x 364814339
Large caliber artillery on the train chassis

The next great piece is the armored train.

BLOG5472 x 364812339
Armored Soviet train

This type of train was used to transport valuable cargo or support troops from the railroad.

BLOG5472 x 36489339
“Our efforts are righteous.”

The Germans, after the initial success in invading the Soviet Union, very quickly learned that they cannot win the war. However, they attempted to prolong it as long as they could, hoping that peace could be made.

BLOG5472 x 36484339
German “track destroyer” – it was used to rip the railroad tracks apart

They used “track destroyers” to tear the tracks apart to slow the Russians down.

BLOG5472 x 36481339
Awesome real reconstruction of destroyed bridge

The museum nicely shows the destroyed bridge with wrecked railroad car.

BLOG5472 x 36483339
Destroyed bridge

Enjoy the rest of the photos! Cheers! 🙂

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