Soviet Steam Locomotive from World War II (Winter 2015)

Greetings! During my recent trip to Moscow, I had awesome opportunity to walk around this great city. It was early December, but despite the snow on the ground, the cold weather did not set in yet, and it was bearable to enjoy walking and exploring around.

BLOG5472 x 364822339
Steam locomotive

One stop on our list was the Victory Park, which contains complex dedicated to the enormous effort that the Soviet Union put into defeating the Nazi Germany.

BLOG5472 x 364821339
Red star on the front of steam locomotive

The first blog and photos from Vicory Park are connected with the WW II and logistical operations on the railroad.

BLOG5472 x 364813339
Steam locomotive circa WWII

During the WWII, the Soviet Union due to its size had to invest heavily in the railroad system to move the troops and material from the Far East to the front lines in Europe.

BLOG5472 x 364819339

Special military service, Railroad Forces were established to provide necessary logistical support.

BLOG5472 x 364816339
Soviet emblem on the steam locomotive

This steam locomotive is one of many that provided the necessary pulling power for driving force to push the Nazis back to Berlin!

BLOG5472 x 364818339
Love it!

Enjoy the photos! Cheers! 🙂

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