Metro in Moscow Part 3 – the stations (Winter 2015)

Greetings! In last few days I created few short blogs focused on the metro system in the capital city of Russia, Moscow (Trains and Escalators)!

Blog 4K 5472 x 3648 18 13
Victory Park Metro Station


Today, I would like to look at something else than escalators and trains. Let’s look at the train stations themselves.

Blog 4K 5472 x 3648 12 11
Victory Park station and art

Metro in Moscow is different that “utilitarian” system in NYC or DC.

Blog 4K 5472 x 3648 6 11
Mural at Victory Park station

Each station is an “art gallery” on its own and it is very different than other stations.

Blog 4K 5472 x 3648 7 13
Revolutionary Square metro stop

Therefore, traveling let’s say from Smolenskaya to Revolutionary Square will get you a distinct opportunity to see two awesome but different metro stops.

Blog 1M5472 x 3648 13 13
Live performance in the Victory Park station

Inside the stations, there are also plenty of interesting people to see.

Blog 4K 5472 x 3648 2 19
Player in metro

Enjoy the phots! Cheers! 🙂

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