The United States Air Force Memorial at night (Winter 2015)

Blog 1M5472 x 3648 2 19
USAF Memorial at night

So, just after work, I finally made it to the United States Air Force Memorial!

Blog 1M3648 x 5472 8 20
love this structure and what it symbolizes

It was at night, but I wanted to see the memorial and take some photos.

Blog 1M3648 x 5472 7 20
impressive memorial

Great that I had my photo kit in the truck with a trusty tripod and remote trigger.

Blog 1M3648 x 5472 6 20
yet another one

Here are few photos = the USAF Memorial is definitely worth seeing, and especially at night (clear night offers a great view at Washington D.C.).

Blog 1M3648 x 5472 1 19
Sunset and USAF Memorial


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